• Utilization of E-resources by students at the University of Zambia: A case study of Natural Science Fourth year students

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    This study was conducted with the aim to access the utilization of e-resources by natural science fourth year students at the university of Zambia great east road campus. However the objectives of the research included to investigate students awareness of e-resources provided by UNZA Library, to investigate the extent to which natural science students utilize the e-resources, to establish the frequency of using e-resources, to establish the purpose of using e-resources and to investigate the challenges natural science students face when accessing e-resource provided by UNZA Library. The study population consisted of 100 natural science fourth year students self- administered questionnaires were used, the 100 students were selected using systematic sampling and the findings of the study were analysed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). According to the findings, the majority of the respondents accounting for about 44.4% pointed out that they are not aware of e-journals and furthermore, 49.5% respondents was not aware of the e-books provided by UNZA Library. However, reason given regarding the non awareness of these e-resources were limited access to the internet, less routers within the school premises, lack of knowledge and poor orientation. However, it was recommended that the number of routers be increased within campus so as to allow internet access at convenient places such as hostels, library and lecture rooms, it was also recommended that more information should be made available through sensitization programmes on e-resources and also a good orientation about e-resources to the newly admitted students be conducted to create awareness.
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