• Towards a critique of technocracy in the thought of Constantinos A. Doxiadis and Adriano Olivetti: Democracy, urban sociology and Marshall Plan politics

    Marianna Charitonidou (see profile)
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    The paper is built upon the general understanding that the Marshall Plan played a crucial role in the reconstruction of Europe after the Second World War. Architecture and urbanism were very important in this respect. A starting point for the paper is the identification of certain key players regarding the connection between the politics of the Marshall Plan and agendas for urban design, such as those of the Greek architect and town planner Constantinos A. Doxiadis and the Italian industrialist Adriano Olivetti. Doxiadis and Olivetti played an important role in the evolution of the interactions between urban planning and Marshall Plan policy. The paper is based on the hypothesis that Doxiadis could be considered a representative of a "technocratic fundamentalism", while Olivetti of a "capitalist paternalism". At the core of the paper is the intention to analyze the technocratic perception of Doxiadis and Olivetti. The paper also attempts to highlight how Doxiadis and Olivetti perceive the relationship between politics and technocracy. Weber's view on the division of labor between professional staff and political leadership, and the technocratic model of the German philosopher and sociologist Jürgen Habermas are used as an interpretive tool. The different origins of Doxiadis and Olivetti and the particular character of Greece and Italy in the post-war period contributed to the formation of different principles regarding the mission and vision of their political action and their relationship to the way each of them perceived the issue of national identity, and the possibility of urban planning strategies to contribute dynamically to the formation of new terms of understanding the issue of national identity. Relating urban planners approaches in Greece and Italy and the Cold War geopolitical conflicts, the paper examines how Olivetti and Doxiadis perceived the relationship between democracy and community is one of the aspects explored in the context of this proposal.
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