• Constantinos Doxiadis and Adriano Olivetti and Marshall Plan politics: Urban planning and the formation of national identity

    Marianna Charitonidou (see profile)
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    The paper is built upon the general understanding that the Marshall Plan played a crucial role in the reconstruction of Europe after the Second World War. Architecture and urbanism were very important in this respect. A starting point for the paper is the identification of certain key players regarding the connection between the politics of the Marshall Plan and agendas for urban design, such as those of the Greek architect and town planner Constantinos A. Doxiadis and the Italian industrialist Adriano Olivetti. The paper aims to clarify how Doxiadis and Olivetti conceptualised technocracy and its relation to politics and urban planning in different ways. The main objective of this paper is to compare the directions that the reconstruction projects took after the Second World War in Italy and Greece, paying special attention to the work and approach of Doxiadis and Olivetti. The formation of national identity in post-war Greece and Italy was a significant issue in various domains including architecture, urban design and cinema. In parallel, the question of the formation of national identity in the post-war years in Greece and Italy was very present in various domains including architecture, urban design and cinema. The paper analyses Doxiadis’s five-year mandate at the Ministry of Reconstruction, and Olivetti’s role as president of the Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (INU) from 1950 and vice-president of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration from 1959. Particular emphasis is placed on the examination of the Plan for the Survival of the Greek Nation, drafted by Doxiadis and his colleagues between 1946 and 1947. A hypothesis that is examined in the paper is that Doxiadis’ vision regarding post-war reconstruction was characterised by top-down interventionism par excellence, while at the heart of Olivetti’s humanistic socialism as the search for socialization without nationalization.
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