• Future Visions for a Decolonized Future of Human-Computer Interaction: Thick descriptions of a survey created to discuss the colonization of imagination.

    Elen Nas (see profile)
    Telma Azevedo, Fernando Longhi, Luciana Terceiro, Tânia Valente
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    anthropology, artificial intelligence, computer vision, ethnography, future visions, human-computer interaction, media and culture
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    A forecast of a high-tech society often represents the visions of industry. The possible technological developments and innovations presented by tech companies promise a bright future, supposedly offering all a better quality of life. However, the ideas give protagonism of a particular style of life and reveal privileges that do not match the environmental and socio-economic tensions from the global south. We propose a discussion for the 'special interest groups' to analyze historical visions of the future commonly presented by companies. We started a 'proof of concept among us with an internet questionnaire and a form to allow participants to be proactive in proposing alternate visions by sending images. From this experience, we offer a thick description of the perspectives and feelings related to the questions submitted. This ethnography is a ground for future work where we aim to investigate how HCI literacy and knowledge of cultural studies impact the identification of biased content. Also, collecting data through questionnaires and forms can help participants increase awareness of image content on the internet and motivate them to present their voices proactively. For further actions, we aim to develop a platform able to provide quantitative data with diverse aesthetics for future visions, capable of adding diversity to the digital ecosystem.
    This paper is a partial result of an experiment conducted by Dr. Elen Nas with colleagues of a research group in human-algorithm interaction as a groundwork to increase the discussions on decolonized futures of AI. The contributors of this work are Fernando Longhi, Luciana Terceiro, Tânia Valente, and Telma Azevedo.
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