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    Indian government’s budget, 2014 has evoked diverse reactions, and the Dalit industrialists have welcomed it. Dalit industrialists have heard some people claiming that The new BJP government has only followed the economic policies of the previous UPA government. But they know the interests these people represent. If the new government is taking forward the decisions of the former government that were designed to financially help the members of the deprived sections wishing to move ahead in life, it is a welcome sign for Indian democracy. In fact, In June 2013, P. Chidambaram, the finance minister of the erstwhile UPA government, accepted the request of the Dalit Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (DICCI) and dedicated the Dalit Venture Capital Fund to the nation. This was considered a major development in the Indian industrial sector. It was the first attempt to give social responsibility its due place in the corporate arena. At that time, many Dwij writers had branded it as a ‘casteist fund’ but the new BJP government has taken the process ahead. 2014 budget will benefit the Dalits and OBCs who want to take advantage of the liberalization of the economy by taking to entrepreneurship. But it must be remembered that these provisions are nothing compared to the massive economic resources at the disposal of the traditional Indian capitalists. We have a long way to go before we can hope to ensure social justice in the field of industry and business.
    This article was published in the August 2014 issue of FORWARD. Its title in Hindi was: 'भाजपा का बजट और बहुजन व्यवसाय'.
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