• Connecting expressions of discontent: The processes of escalation, de-escalation, and recurrence of conflict in Colombia and South Africa

    Fabio Andrés Díaz Pabón (see profile)
    Colombia, South Africa, War, Protest movements, Social movements, Discontent, Sociology, Political science, Comparative government
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    Erasmus University Rotterdam
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    This book provides a challenge to our understanding of conflict and its evolution across time in internal conflicts. Our association of the word conflict with the presence of organized armed violence, has made us blind to other expressions of conflict and discontent, such as protests and riots. This book proposes a framework to theorize how conflictual processes, their escalation towards armed conflict, the end of armed conflict, the failure to end armed conflict, and the recurrence of specific expressions of conflict across time take place. It illustrates this by analyzing two case studies: Colombia (1948-2016) and South Africa (1948-2008). This book is a vital resource for academics working on the fields of sociology, political sciences, conflict studies and international relations interested in the connections between the literatures of collective action, social movements, and civil war studies. Also, this text is useful for peace and conflict practitioners interested in the study of political processes. In addition to this, the document provides an important resource for conflict and peace researchers interested in the cases of Colombia and South Africa. Finally, the book serves as a prologue to understand more recent developments in Colombia (the 2019, 2020 and 2021 national strikes), as well as understanding the emergence of protests and riots in South Africa after 2008, and as a case for reflecting about the perennial nature of conflict.
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