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    Do you sometimes feel like your brand runs you and not the opposite? Are you feeling depressed for that reason? Are you stunned by brands, but then you do not know how to handle them? Would you like to live in a world free of any brand? Are you sure that brands are not alive? Do not worry! Answers to these and many other brand and branding related questions are to be found in this book. But beware: a)You will find out that what you had in mind with branding has little to do with branding as it develops in this book. b)This life cantered branding might addict you. Andrej Drapal is (not yet) known as the Standard Branding Model© author and branding practitioner guilty for more than 40 brands including I Feel Slovenia national brand. What the heck Slovenia? Why not? BRANDLIFE arms you with many mental tools and practical techniques you need to manage brands. Product, service, place, tourist and even personal branding managers will find not only tools but also supporting deeper explanations. Drapal hates how to do it quick fix solutions, but at the end BRANDLIFE is concise branding manual. BRANDLIFE is free from topics and words like: social media, boosting your sales, or three steps to success. But there is abundance of kitchen logic inside. BRANDLIFE is branding philosophy and branding manual at the same time. Confused? You should be, indeed! You have not yet read this book!
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