• The role of fictional characters in psychological exploration, personal experiences, emotional responses

    Princess Kathleene Quinn (see profile)
    Humanities, Characters and characteristics in literature, Psychological fiction, Philosophy, Literature
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    Reading fictional literature can be a way of learning about the world and the human condition-a claim explicated by Schick (1982) and empirically confirmed by, for example, Marsh, Butler, and Umanath (2012). An aspect of this is the use of fiction for educational purposes. In this study, we navigate through the eyes of the writer as the narrative tool, allowing us to enter into a new dimension, particularly in the story of "In Time and with Water." Evaluating predicament and causes in a given plot while identifying the struggles of emotional disorder through the lens of a character saw benefits for theoretical understanding and self-awareness. Using fictional characters strategically benefits the increase of learning environment, stimulating in education setting. Our favorite fictional characters from books and movies often display an impressive and wide range of psychological attributes, both positive and negative. We admire their resilience, courage, humanity, or justice, and we are intrigued by other characters who show signs of personality disorders and mental illness-psychopathy, narcissism, antisocial personality, paranoia, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, among many other conditions. The aim of this commentary is to explore the usage of literature, fictional characters in understanding psychological attributes as well as personal human experiences. Other motivations of these characters that include examples of both accurate and misleading depictions of psychological traits and conditions, enabling readers to distinguish realistic from inaccurate depictions of human behavior.
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