• A Review On The Contemporary Debate Regarding Dieting

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    Reducing diets
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    Dieting has been a popular activity for many decades. It was generally accepted as an undeniable fact that following a diet would result in both an improvement in one's physical health and an enhancement of one's appearance. However, more lately, the consequences of dieting have come under scrutiny for possible negative impacts. Some individuals hold the opinion that dieting is, at best, useless, and, at worst, detrimental to one's health. These assertions have been used as the justification for more severe proposals, such as the demand for a halt to the development of weight reduction programs. Some feminist analyses of the growth of disordered eating and difficulties in weight control have criticized dieting as a component of social oppression. This is connected to the fact that dieting has been implicated as a part of societal oppression. Understanding exactly what is being criticized or praised in relation to diets is often forgotten in the heated debate that surrounds the topic. The question of whether or not individuals should diet in order to improve their health is one that cannot be answered satisfactorily from a scientific point of view. The question that is more helpful to ask is, "What are the impacts of the different kinds of dieting, namely self-imposed limitation in food caloric intake, among whom, and when done for what purpose?"
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