• The Iron Man Trilogy as a Forum of Examining Films & Mass Ideological Change

    Kavir Doty (see profile)
    Motion pictures, Social sciences, Iron Man (Fictitious character), Sociology, Humanities
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    films, filmstudies, Iron Man, marvel cinematic universe, sociology
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    This paper analyzes the peculiar phenomenon of successful films’ asserted, story-essential values/ideals not being the values/ideals held by a society. Films may possess the means to bring about change within audiences who tend to fall align with a film’s political assertions upon watching a film, or instead the world of entertainment and politics are two separate entities that coexist without interaction. The goal of this paper is to find/discuss where on such a spectrum of possibility the answer lies via the examining of the highly successful Iron Man film trilogy and if its asserted notions/values accepted by movie audience members within the space of enjoying the films influence such notions/values to be more so accepted by viewers post-viewing. Via examining both the perceptions of the films from its creators and audiences, along with examining greater political perspectives from both entities in solitary, findings demonstrate that this is not the case, at least not by events occurring in singularity: while these films may contribute to ideals that manifest in popularity over time, films do not serve as steppingstones of which mass opinions on an issue are suddenly affected. Rather, the influencing of mass opinions (and change) are slow processes, with creative works perhaps serving as contributions to that slow process, but not as sudden catalysts.
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