• El Positivo en la fotografía topográfica del siglo XIX: formatos, tamaños y autorías.

    Juan Antonio Fernandez Rivero (see profile) , María-Teresa García Ballesteros
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    The determination of standards in photographic sizes travels an interesting path from the beginnings of this art to the end of the 19th century. It was the measurement of the "daguerreotype plate", designed by Daguerre from copper sheets traditionally used by silversmiths and goldsmiths, which ended up being the central axis on which the rest of the normalized sizes were established. Thus, during the first decades of the history of photography, sizes were determined based on different proportions of the "standard plate". Starting in the 1870s, the measurements were being specified towards a smaller number of standards, already expressed in centimeters or inches. Knowledge of the sizes with which pioneering photographers worked can, in many cases, become a valuable tool in historical research, for example for the identification of positive photographs that have come down to us without authorship marks. The study of the work of a group of commercial photographers who worked in Spain during the 19th century, with a topographic production of a certain amplitude, has led us to determine the sizes in which their positives are presented and to deduce, from them, those of the plates and cameras used.
    La determinación de estándares en los tamaños fotográficos recorre un interesante camino desde los inicios de este arte hasta finales del siglo XIX. A partir de la década de 1870 las medidas van concretándose hacia un número menor de estándares. El conocimiento de los tamaños con los que trabajaron los fotógrafos pioneros es una herramienta valiosa en la investigación histórica.
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