• Post-Covid world and responsibility of Bahujan

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    Race/Ethnicity in Classical Antiquity, Sociology
    Pandemics, COVID-19 (Disease) in mass media, Electronic surveillance--Social aspects, High technology--Social aspects--Forecasting, Dalits--Political activity, Life expectancy--Social aspects
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    lockdown, Super Rich of the world, tribes, Infectious diseases, Hunger Map, Coronavirus Famine, Death of the office, Employee Monitoring, UN Women Report, Bahujan
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    In this article, we would try to find out what kind of the situation the world would find itself in due to the excessive and unwarranted steps taken to arrest the spread of Covid and especially how it would impact the communities facing social deprivation. The article is centred on the exploited communities of India, who form a majority of its population. Besides the communities branded as ‘Untouchables’ by the Hindu religion, they also include others which face societal contempt and stigma such as other lower castes, Adivasis, denotified and nomadic castes, minorities who have converted to other religions, eunuchs etc. During the course of the recent movements for social justice in the country, these communities, which form a majority of the population of India, have started describing themselves as ‘Bahujan’ (people in the majority) as a mark of their solidarity. Bahujan is a conceptual term, which first finds mention about 2,500 years back in the teachings of Buddha. Buddha said, ‘Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan Sukhay’ i.e. what is in the interest of the majority of people of the world, what will bring about their wellbeing, is right. Thus, ‘Bahujan’ is a global term which emphasizes on the unity among the majority and which includes all exploited and deprived sections, including those who are victims of racism and gender discrimination. This concept inspires them to perceive themselves as majority and wage a joint struggle. The word ‘Bahujan’ has been used in the article in this context and meaning.
    This is a translation of the original Hindi Paper.
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