• Dipping a toe in: Collecting and promoting introductory texts to studio art students

    Cara Barker (see profile)
    Collection development (Libraries), Teaching
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    Conference poster
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    ARLIS/NA Conference 2022
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    Art Library Society North America
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    Chicago, IL
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    Studio art, Collection development, Instruction
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    Studio art students are often looking for research content outside of art. These areas of research are connected to long-established scholarly conversations between experts. For students starting at zero, in terms of prior subject knowledge, this is a daunting task. As librarians, we are tasked with connecting students with information sources that meet their needs. As a librarian serving studio art students, I’ve noticed issues with undergraduate and graduate students who struggle diving into scholarly works when they only need a small amount of information to gain basic understanding or inspiration. This is where book series that serve as primers to subjects come into play. I’ve been working on expanding our collections of introductory series and creating information literacy content for guides and classes to help promote these series to students. The series I’ve been working with include A Very Short Introduction (Oxford), Object Lessons (Bloomsbury), The Basics (Routledge), What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford), and The Psychology of Everything (Routledge). This poster focuses on my ongoing collection development and promotional work to connect students with these series. I will show how these collections serve studio art students and how I promote them in the classroom and online to both undergraduates and MFA students.
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