• Dante Alighieri the Morning Star of Renaissance Authors

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    Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321, Political science, Italian literature, Renaissance, European literature--Renaissance
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    Dante, Political thought, Renaissance Italian literature, Renaissance literature
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    Dante’s views on both language and politics effected the world from the point of their publication. He heavily influenced other popular renaissance philosophers such as Petrarch and Marsiulius of Padua. These individuals expanded upon Dante’s views of church/state separation and justice for the common man. Marsiulius was heavily influenced by Dante, and this can be seen in his book Defensor Pacis. These in turn effected enlightenment thinkers, and many of the principles expounded upon by Dante can be seen in modern world government. Literarily, Dante influenced and inspired an entire generation of authors who explored the breadth of the vernacular and as a result, knowledge spread more readily. As Gardener writes about him “Dante may be said to have made Italian poetry, and to have stamped the mark of his lofty and commanding personality upon all modern literature.” In modern times Dante is revered alongside Homer, Shakespeare and Sophocles as an individual whose writings changed the world in such a way as everything else after bore a little of their influence. There are still Societies such as the “Societa Dantesca Italiana” that today are dedicated to the study of Dante’s works. Though Modern Scholarship often places Dante in the Middle Ages, he clearly was the first writer of a new era, an era of new beginnings and change. Dante exemplified the Renaissance’s writing style and political ideals. Thus, he truly was the first renaissance author.
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