• The determinants of sales volume: The role content marketing

    Juan Manuel Rojas Salazar (see profile)
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    content marketing, Robust Least Square, Sales
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    The marketing environment is transforming, with conventional marketing methods giving way to content marketing. To avoid falling behind rivals, companies are beginning to recognize the significance of this new paradigm. As a result of this new trend, smart marketers are changing to non-traditional modern marketing. Companies may acquire new leads by providing content on issues that interest their target audience. They are producing unique content to answer audience concerns, alleviate pain points, improve website traffic, and, eventually, increase sales volume. This research seeks to examine the role online contents play in increasing sales volume. Statistical literature suggests that the Robust Least Square (RLS) outperforms the Ordinary Least Square (OLS) in terms of outliers’ issues. This research used three RLS estimation techniques, namely, M-estimation, S-estimation, and MM-estimation. The dataset came from 281 companies around the world for the year 2015. The empirical results suggest that online contents have significant and positive impacts on the sales volume of the sample companies. Additionally, this research also examined the impacts of product quality, automation, marketing personnel resource, finance access, and competition on the growth of sales volume. The findings indicate that all the factors, except the finance access and competition, assist in boosting sales volume. The finance access has insignificant and the competition has a negative impact on the sales volume. Overall, the findings of this study recommend using content marketing to increase the sales performance of the companies.
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