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    This book is a compendium of book reviews reflecting my “Creed of Life.” The fact is that my Creed of Life has been fashioned through these authors, as well as others not mentioned here, whose works were personally important to me and significant to my intellectual development. This list is continually being lengthened as authors, living or dead and previously unknown to me, are added. Only authors profoundly influencing my Creed of Life are mentioned here. Other authors, whose works were interesting, but not highly influential, were rejected for purposes of this account. My rejection of them, however, is no judgment on their significance in the formation of a Creed of Life by other individuals. The authors I have selected were significant in my work as a theologian whose task is to interpret doctrine and religious belief to the faithful. The point of departure for an exposé of my Creed of Life is the interpretive shift that occurred in the doctrinal and pastoral documents issued by the Second Vatican Council. To my way of thinking, hidden in the doctrinal and pastoral philosophical interpretations by the Council’s theologians and philosophers are significant resources for philosophical and theological reflection on the fashioning of a personal Creed of Life. It has been my experience, arising from conciliar doctrinal and pastoral interpretation, that a contemporary approach towards self-knowledge as well as an entry into and a deeper appreciation of contemporary wisdom may be established. The reader will appreciate that these reviews may be identified with the various moments of my intellectual discontinuity with the past when I, in effect, “stopped believing that, and began believing this.” The books reviewed here, written by others, and the books that I have written reflect these moments.
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