• A Study of Teacher Educators’ Skill and ICT Integration in Online Teaching during the Pandemic Situation in India

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    Information and communication technology prompted the sharing of information over the world. For its impact on education, the government and the authorities like the University Grants Commission in India have energized the higher education institutions in India to implement online education during the pandemic situation. This paper attempts to know the teaching faculties' ICT skills and related online class skills in higher educational institutions in India. In India, like developing countries, quick as the lightning change in traditional to fully online classes are like a rumble of thunder because faculties are adopting this situation but students are challenging to adopt. The directed out of two hundred and twenty respondents were sampled randomly, questionnaires were distributed online, 201 were properly filled and returned from central universities, government higher education institutions, and state universities. A one-way ANOVA and independent-sample t-test on SPSS for data analysis were adopted. The results revealed that the respondents are significantly the same regarding their skills related to online teaching and ICT integration. Online education also involves sharing of resources, reinforcement techniques, questioning, and evaluation. There was a significant difference in ICT skills and ICT integration in online education. This was due to their age, availability of resources and some operational difficulties. Following the present scenario, the right attitude and skills are recommended on the 21st-century requirements. Faculties are how they feel and taking into serious or joy, and an online class is given to their pleasure or pressure are discussed in this article.
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