• Texts of Taste: The Reprinting of Recipes in Nineteenth-Century Newspapers

    Avery Blankenship (see profile)
    ACH 2021
    Digital humanities, Fiction, Nineteenth century, Periodicals--Study and teaching, Printing--Social aspects
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    Conference poster
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    Association of Computers and Humanities 2021
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    Association of Computers and Humanities
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    July 2021
    nineteenth-century america, nineteenth-century cookbooks, nineteenth-century newspapers, nineteenth-century recipes, text analysis, Nineteenth-century fiction, Periodical studies, Print culture
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    “Texts of Taste” investigates the republication history of recipes and recipe-adjacent texts within the hybrid medium of the nineteenth century newspaper. “Texts of Taste” makes use of the Viral Texts reprinting data of nineteenth-century newspapers primarily pulled from Chronicling America. In combination with this more generalized reprinting data, “Texts of Taste” makes use of a dataset of nineteenth-century American recipes pulled from web reproductions of printed, nineteenth-century cookbooks available on Project Gutenberg as a seed corpus. Some of the printed texts pulled from Project Gutenberg include widely printed books such as Lydia Maria Child’s The Frugal American Housewife as well as books more focused on international cuisine, though printed in the United States. Using text analysis methodologies such as word embedding models and text classification, the seed corpus is then compared against clusters of reprints pulled at random from Viral Texts data and the likelihood that the reprinted text is a recipe is measured. These initial experiments are the first part of a larger workflow where over time, more recipes identified in the Viral Texts data will be pulled and incorporated in the seed corpus, making it both more precise as well as reflective of any differences in style that may be apparent in newspaper-printed recipes.
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