• Formalisierte Gottesbeweise: Aristoteles, Thomas, Anselm. Mit Vorwort des Editors, mit Bibliographie

    Bruno Antonio Buike (see profile) , Paul Möennig
    Bruno Buike
    Logic, Aristotle, Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274
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    proofs for the existence of God, paleophysics, Philosophy of logic, Thomas Aquinas
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    Neuss: Bruno Buike 2010, 68 p. - E3 - full title: Paul Mönnig (ed. : Buike, B.A.) Formalisierte Gottesbeweise: Aristoteles, Thomas, Anselm (fast ohne Zwischenbeweise!) (mit Kopie der Wieder-Abdruckgenehmigung) Bruno A. Buike: Vorwort des Herausgebers Bruno A. Buike: Bibliographie Paläophysik und Hyperphysik - Normally the militant atheist from Western Europe only is laughing at these rests from Greek antiquity in their Christian redaction. Joseph P. Farrell however would have asked, HOW STRANGE it is, that we have here a RATHER OLD text showing EXACT FORMAL LOGICS, we today find applied in COMPUTERS? In other words: Aristotle is very probably NOT TELLING the WHOLE STORY! As was quite normal in antique times under the wellknown "antique secrecy": Today nuclear physics could find in Demokritos HINTS very similar with today trials for nuclear physics. The GREAT TRAGEDY however is, that they never asked, WHY Demokritos never gave a TECHNICAL HANDBOOK, complete enough, to REALLY BUILD nukes? See, where the difference is? However the NEXT question is BEYOND this paper, which would be: If our today advanced (ether-)physics is little more than a REVIVAL of a FAR ADVANCED PALEOPHYSICS, which is referenced in Greek writers only, would we ESCAPE the BAD CONSEQUENCES of same, which might have been the motivation of Greek writers, to get the whole stuff SECRETED and put under CAMOUFLAGE?! - I may hint to an additional BEYOND: In OLD times nobody sane enough would have doubted the EXISTENCE of a COSMIC CREATOR-GOD nor of the plethora of all the "humanlike" antique Gods and Godesses. For the antique people, tha DISCUSSIONS started, AFTER the point was cleared, that there is no proceeding possible, if denying the existence of God! -- It is used Russel-Whitehead-notation of formal logics, however nearly all the necessary ancillary calculations missing here - which is just normal if moving in cicles of the professonal mathematicians!
    authorisized photocopy-reprint of an essay by Dr. Paul Möennig, with contributions of B.A. Buike - registered to German National Library
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