• Digital Editions of the Scrolls and Fragments of the Judaean Desert: Preliminary Thoughts

    James M. Tucker (see profile)
    Biblical Studies, Dead Sea Scrolls, Digital Humanists
    Digital media--Editing, Philology, Digital humanities, Jews--Study and teaching, Dead Sea scrolls, Bible. Isaiah
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    Conference paper
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    Difficult texts and Digital tools
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    University of Oregon
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    Lewis and Clarke College, Portland, Oregon
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    May 30 – June 1 2014
    digital editions, Qumran, Digital editing, Jewish studies, Isaiah
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    The completion of the editio princeps of the and fragments and manuscripts marks a watershed in the history of Qumran and Dead Sea Scrolls research. In addition to the DJD volumes, the recent update of the Leon Levy Digital Dead Sea Scrolls Library offers free access to its color images. These resources, among others, will continue to exist as crucial tools to research the scrolls. Nevertheless, recent developments in digital platforms offer a compelling medium to reconsider how ‘Digital Editions’ might serve future research needs, particularly in light of the fragmentary nature of the material remains. Electronic features make it possible to merge together image libraries, transcriptions, secondary resources, and extensive bibliographic material, as well as offer viable mechanisms for philological reconstructions. Such a malleable, hyperlinked database—built around high quality images themselves—would likewise mark another watershed in DSS and Qumran studies. As such, this paper explores in what manner the digital medium can build on the critical resources of previous scholarship, yet push scholarship forward by addressing methodological issues inherent in Lachmannian philology, and how artifactual and digital philology are apropos to a digital medium.
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