• El Instituto Nacional de Colonización: paisaje y colonización de la historia.

    Félix Zamora-Gómez (see profile)
    Spaniards--Social life and customs, History, Modern, Architecture, Biopolitics, Imperialism
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    Conference paper
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    Modern Languages Association 2021
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    01/06/2021 - 01/10/2021
    Visual culture, Modern Spanish culture, Colonialism
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    Following Denis Cosgrove, “[l]andscape is not merely the world we see, it is a construction, a composition that works. Landscape is a way of seeing the world” (13). In line with this proposition, this presentation focuses on the process of landscape-creation undertaken by the Francoist State after the Civil War. To this end, the dictatorship created the Instituto Nacional de Colonización in 1939, an institution tasked with the design, planning, and building of more than 300 “poblados de colonización” until its dismantling in 1971. Following its anti-urban philosophy, the dictatorship aimed at creating a new national landscape to be exclusively populated by “authentic” Spanish architecture and inhabited by a “new race” of Spaniards attached to an idealized countryside as the source of national essence. For that purpose, this project interrogates the intersections of the politico-religious profiling involved in the selection of families displaced to the “poblados.” This is explored in conjunction with the study of the official historical discourse, and fascist urban practices in the constitution of the body of population that would become the new colonos meant to reconquer the void Spanish territory after the war. The premise of this presentation is that this “utopian” project, similar to that undertaken by Mussolini in Italy, aimed to reclaim the colonial past of Spain as the cornerstone of a new national identity founded upon a mythic narrative of the past in search for national “authenticity” and the colonization of history itself as a tool of political legitimacy.
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