• Vaccination Adverse Outcomes and Costs of Vaccine Injury Claims (VICs): Past, Present and Covid-19

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    The US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has paid out US$4,431,468,456 for 7,575 vaccine injuries from (financial years) 1989 through 2020. The average settled claim was US$585,012 per claimant. Of the total claims filed (n=22,372), 94% were claims for non-fatal injury (n=21,035) and 6% were claims for death (n=1,337). Of the total claims filed, 34% were successful (n=7,611), 52% were dismissed (n=11,671), and 14% were not progressed (n=3,090). The VICP acts as an indemnity shield for the vaccine industry. The VICP offers a non-litigious path to compensation for the vax-injured. The VICP is funded by a vax tax of US 75 cents per disease per dose. There were 1.39 compensated injuries per one million distributed vaccine doses (n=5,233 compensated injuries for 3,761,744,351 distributed vaccine doses; 2006 through 2018). The VICP payout rate is US$813 million for vax injuries per one billion vax doses. Based on past experience of vaccination injury, mass vaccination of billions of people for Covid-19 can be anticipated to produce vaccine injuries (including deaths). Based on the historical data of the VICP across 30 different vaccines, vaccinating a billion people with Covid-19 vaccines, can be anticipated to manifest a scenario of US$813 million of vaccine injuries (as an underestimate). Vaccinating the world’s population (n=7.8 billion) with an initial Covid-19 vaccine dose may generate US$6.3 billion of vaccine injuries. A two dose Covid-19 vaccine (prime-boost regimen) may generate US$12.7 billion of vaccine injuries. These scenario extrapolations assume that the Covid-19 vaccines (although developed and administered under pandemic duress), are neither more nor less injurious than the vaccines (n=30) of VICP experience, which have been tested, certified, manufactured, stored and administered to US standards, and that there is no differential between the compensable value of US and non-US injuries.
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