• Consumerism in Digital Archives: Placing Latinx Traditions on the Right Cultural Shelf

    Samantha Cabrera Friend (see profile)
    William Camargo, Joseph Daniel Valencia, Marisa Hicks-Alcaraz
    Cultural Studies, DH2020, Modern Mexican History, Social History of Archives
    Feminism, Hispanic Americans
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    latinx history, quinceanera, rite of passage, Digital archives, Feminisms, Latinx
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    Unmaking/Remaking Memory Work: Centering Community Narratives of Latinx Lived Experience One of a four person/presentation panel which locates itself within a growing social movement of new community-centered archiving and curatorial initiatives that has risen in recognition that traditionally ignored communities should have a role in how their histories get told. Our papers showcase a range of projects and vantage points aimed at giving visibility to Latinx lived experience, while taking steps to radically unmake/remake archival practices and memory work in a way that is accountable to and in participation with Latinx communities, especially those living at the intersection of class, gender, sexuality, and ability. Our projects are grounded in justice and community-oriented work spanning disparate academic and artistic fields, including photography, critical curatorial and archival practice, visual studies, and digital humanities. We ask and then demonstrate: What might be alternative means for recovering hidden stories? How do we practice memory work in a way that is accountable to and in participation with its subjects? What might be new methods for archival and curatorial work that are in accordance with the lived realities of the communities we are working with? We invite discussion to help further develop community-centered initiatives and hope that audience members will leave with new ideas for community-engaged and justice-based work.
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