• Lament Personified: Job in the Bedeutungsnetz of Psalm 22.

    Will Kynes (see profile)
    Bible. Job, Bible. Psalms, Intertextuality
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    Patrick Miller claims the Psalms “were composed, sung, prayed, collected, passed on because they have the capacity to articulate and express the words, thoughts, prayers of anyone, though they do not necessarily do that” (Miller 1986: 23, emphasis original). In this paper I trace the way Psalm 22, as its hyperbolic language explodes the boundaries of its original setting, has been used to articulate the experience of Job. I will put this connection in a wider hermeneutical context by outlining five similar intertextual connections between the psalm and other aspects of the Hebrew tradition: the life of David, other Old Testament books, the New Testament, the Midrash, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. These examples are not the use of Psalm 22 to express the experience of anyone, but of several particular concrete personalities linked together not by abstract propositions extracted from the psalmic lament but by its actual words and narrative of suffering and redemption. Thus, Job figures into the multiple relectures of the psalm, creating a reciprocal Bedeutungsnetz, or “network of meaning,” one in which we, as we likewise apply the words of the psalm to our experience, may enter as well.
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