• Review of Backpacking with the Saints: Wilderness Hiking as Spiritual Practice

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    Richard Rohr, Self Knowledge, Spiritual Psychology, Vision of God, Zen
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    This review shows how all journeys are not futile; how human frailty makes us holy, in a certain sense. This review shows the great depth of the sovereignty of the Good. And how Professor Lane shows us that while all feet are clay; some realise so and go beyond their own frailties to tap into that which can only be experienced. Professor Lane should not be called Lane because academic styles demand us to do so. He actually professes what he writes. If only one read the book then one will know what literature is. Literature is a journey. And not gobbledygook and blah. Wake up. COVID 19 and EBOLA are here. In my practise as a mental healthcare person, I am yet to hear a person call on Freud or Lacan or Marx, for that matter before going into wonderland. So take it or leave it; this is a great book. I have tried doing justice to Professor Lane's scholarship.
    Information? LOL? How long are we going to be cocooned in our ivory towers? Well these first world publishers never gave us third world folks in obscure non community colleges the chance to review their books. The Ramakrishna Mission did, and Prabuddha Bharata has never missed an issue from 1896. Oh, I was also sitting in my Umphan hit room; when I was the judged an international lit fest. As long as there is one COVID 19 patient anywhere or an Ebola patient; tenures in whiteland mean nothing.
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