• Shipping Databases, the case of Lloyd’s Register of Shipping

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    This project is aimed at the Library and Information Science field, with the purpose of discussing industrial databases, more specifically shipping and shipbuilding databases. This project is focused mainly on the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping. We will start by discussing the historical basis which enabled the establishment of such a database, why it was created and what purpose it had in the field of shipping and what was the role it played in the shipbuilding industry. In this part we will look at the developments of the shipping from the medieval time to the time when the Lloyd’s Register was created by the London underwriters during 1760. From there we will pick up by looking at the early history of the register and why at the end of the eighteenth century a rival register was created by the shipowners. We also look how the two registers slowly began to decline and how finally they reformed themselves into the current register in the year of 1834. The next part of the project will be concerned with the nineteenth century shipbuilding developments and how the Lloyd’s Register responded to them. We will look at the transition from wood to iron and then from iron to steel. In both cases the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping developed sets of rules to govern how ships of iron and steel should be built, alongside the rules it has established for building of wooden vessels. We will also touch upon the transition from sail and wind power to steam power. This part will include description of the different steam turbines and engines and how they transitioned at the end of the nineteenth century to internal combustion engines. The last part would be the history of the register during the twentieth century. Finally, we will look at the how the register looked at the problem of big data and how to do shipbuilding research.
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