• Traditional or Technology-Based Classrooms: Students’ Views on Technological Tools within the context of Academic Motivation

    Ali Kılıçoglu (see profile)
    Education and Pedagogy, Education Sciences, General Education
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    IBUISC’18 - 5th International Student Congress 2018
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    International Balkan University
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    04-05 October 2018
    Educational studies, Philosophy of education, Teaching and learning, Technology in the classroom
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    In our age, technology is becoming widespread in schools. Using technological tools in the lessons is very important in terms of academic success motivation of students. This research aims to investigate the students’ views on modern technological tools used by the teachers and these tools’ roles in academic motivation. This is a descriptive study and quantitative and qualitative research methods were used together. 101 elementary school students participated in the quantitative research and 32 students participated in the qualitative research. The research results indicate that the students have moderate attitude level towards the technology use in the class and most of the students are in favor of both technology-based classrooms and traditional classrooms. Teachers and educational administrators should not ignore students who can also learn in traditional classrooms. Therefore, teachers should be trained about how to employ technology successfully so that all of the students can become academically motivated and learn in a positive classroom environment. The results of this study will positively contribute to social sciences, educational sciences and educational organizations.
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