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    Call for Proposals Media, Lingualisms, Translations: Technologies of Language and Power Conference to be held November 13-14, 2020; hosted by the School of International Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University, Tempe. Keynote speakers: Jean-Noël Robert (Collège de France, Paris) Lourdes Ortega (Georgetown University, Washington D.C.) We invite submissions for contributions to a conference dedicated to exploring recent research in the fields of translation studies and multilingualism. Taking inspiration from Jean-Noël Robert’s concept of hieroglossia – the relationship between a “founding” sacred language and another considered ontologically or theologically dependent on it – we invite papers that broadly explore how translations, media, and lingualisms can place different languages in relationships of power and status to one another. Possible themes include: • language relations as seen through translation • media and technology as shaping notions of language • discourses of modernity and tradition among languages, or of conceptions of sacred/vernacular, elite/non-elite, and written/spoken language • practices of di-, poly-, or heteroglossia • translation and technology (digital opportunities; AI; VR) • multilingualism, bilingualism, and other lingualisms • immigration and interpreting (legal, medical, and socio-political dimensions) • cultural translation • translation and the literary/cultural canon • translation and the market (publishing houses, self-publishing, digital publishing) • historicizing language and power • intermedial translation We also invite professional interpreters and translators Lodging and meals will be covered for conference speakers. Contingent on funding levels, we hope to be able to support domestic travel as well. Please submit 250-350 word abstracts to Julieta Paulesc (julieta.paulesc@asu.edu) by February 1, 2020. Notifications will be sent out soon after the deadline.
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