• The Second Life Artist Project: New Possibilities for Visual Arts Education

    Julian Crooks, June Julian (see profile)
    Art Education
    Museums--Study and teaching, Aesthetics, Art, Educational technology
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    Conference paper
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    InAEA 2nd Biannual Virtual Conference
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    International Art Education Association
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    Second LIfe Virtual Conference
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    September 24, 2016
    VTS, Second LIfe, MOMA, artists, Museum of Modern Art, Museum education, Visual arts, Technology in the classroom
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    Imagine if famous artists could help us guide art discussions in the classroom. In The Second Life Artist Project, digital avatars for three legendary artists: Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, & Vincent Van Gogh. each respond to three pieces of art by living artists., Those artist avatars model the Visual Thinking Strategy, or VTS, to discuss selected art work in the Second Life environment, a free 3D world on the Internet. The Artist Colony is an idyllic sea side learning space created in Second Life especially for the project. The objective was to create an extraordinary new possibility for authentic communication in visual arts education through alternate identities within a Relational Aesthetics theoretical context. We designed our research to provide a new twist on Metropolitan Museum of Art’s online series, The Artist Project – What Artists See When They Look at the Met. There, contemporary artists responded to selected objects in the museum. We re-imagined this process in the opposite, so that avatars of historical artists commented on contemporary art in a virtual artist colony. Using Relational Aesthetics methodology, we invited participants to create their own avatars and select their own artists and art works to join us in The Artist Colony in Second Life.
    Crooks, Julian G. & Julian, J. (2016). The Artist Colony in Second Life Machinima https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbXqjVdLDpE&app=desktop.
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