• Nur «ein paar Häuser in Konstanz»? Schenkung und Verwaltung der Konstanzer Besitzungen des Stifts Bischofszell sowie die Beziehungen zu Stadt und Bürgern von Konstanz

    Johannes Waldschütz (see profile)
    Cities and towns, Medieval, Germany, Middle Ages, Monasticism and religious orders
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    Bischofszell, Konstanz, Medieval cities, Medieval Germany, Medieval history, Monasticism
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    Neither of the two houses in Constance belonging to the collegiate chapter of Bischofszell served as its official city seat. Using the example of the house zur Krone, the essay explores the social environment of a canon and his connection to the collegiate’s seat. In 1311, Konrad, a doctor and a canon of the collegiate chapter, bestowed his house (zur Krone) on the collegiate church in return for a life annuity. Konrad resided not at Bischofszell itself but rather in the episcopal city, where he established a library for research purposes, which, along with the house, he reserved in usufruct. On the other hand, the example of the House zum Riesen, which from 1323 until into the nineteenth century was held in copyhold permits questions concerning the chapter’s administrative and archival practices to be discussed. It can be shown that beginning in the 15th century the importance of property in Constance to the collegiate chapter diminished steadily. This loss in importance is reflected in the property holdings of various priors and custodians in Constance as well as the places of origin of the canons. Taken together, these findings show that from the late fifteenth century onward, it is only possible to speak of circumstantial ties between the collegiate chapter of Bischofszell and the episcopal city.
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