• ‘Is the library open?’: Correlating unaffiliated access to academic libraries with open access support

    Chloe Brookes-Kenworthy, Richard Hosking, Chun-Kai (Karl) Huang, Lucy Montgomery, Cameron Neylon, Alkim Ozaygen, Katie Wilson (see profile)
    Global Outlook Scholarly Communication, HuMetricsHSS, Library & Information Science
    Academic libraries, Open access publishing, Learning and scholarship
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    library access policies, open knowledge, Open access, Open scholarship
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    This paper explores the extent to which the ideals of ‘openness’ are being applied to physical knowledge resources and research spaces. The study investigates the relationship between academic library access policies and institutional positions on open access/open science publishing. Analysis of library access policies from twenty academic institutions in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Africa and the United Kingdom shows physical access to libraries for the affiliated public is often the most restricted category of access. Many libraries impose financial and security barriers on entry, limiting access to collections in print and other non-digital formats. The limits on physical access to libraries contrast with the central role institutions play in facilitating open access to research outputs through institutional repositories and open access publishing policies. Comparing library access policies and practices with open access publishing and research sharing policies for the same institutions finds limited correlation between both sets of policies. Open access policies have a direct association with narrow aspects of public access provided through online availability of publications, but are not necessarily with delivering on a broader commitment to public access to knowledge. Institutional mission statements and academic library policies may refer to sharing of knowledge and research and community collaboration, multiple layers of library user categories, privilege and fees can inhibit the realisation of these goals. This conflicts with global library and information commitments to open access to knowledge.
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