• "Narrating the Nahda: The Syrian Protestant College, al-Muqtataf, and the Rise of Jurji Zaydan," AUB: 150 Years

    Elizabeth M. Holt (see profile)
    2019 MLA Convention
    Arabic literature, Social history, Mediterranean Region, Area studies, Atlantic Ocean Region, History
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    salons, cairo, Beirut, Migration, Mediterranean studies, Atlantic history
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    Published in Cairo in 1892, the first issue of Jurji Zaydan’s Arabic journal al-Hilal contained a history of the Arabic press, including a list of the journals published in Beirut in the 1870s and 1880s, when Zaydan was a young waiter and finally a Syrian Protestant College medical student and leader of the 1882 protest. Listed too are the Arabic journals of Egypt, as the journal al-Muqtataf staged a migration in 1884 from its Beirut years at the Syrian Protestant College to Cairo. In his Yawmiyyat rihla bahriyya (Memoirs of a Sea Voyage), penned in 1886, Zaydan recounts in great detail his own journey from Beirut to Cairo via London. At the end of this long journey, he is welcomed in Cairo by former students and faculty of the Syrian Protestant College, including Faris Nimr and Yaʿqub Sarruf, editors of the freshly relocated al-Muqtataf. This chapter traces Zaydan’s humble Beirut beginnings as an aspiring Syrian Protestant College medical student and reader of al-Muqtataf, to become one of the most prolific editors, authors, and novelists of the Nahda, often translated as a time of Arab renaissance.
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