• Innovation and ICTs in the sound landscape of festive music through the creation of musicomovigrams

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    innovation - ICTs - sound landscape - festival music - musicomovigramas - listening - environmental education
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    This article is part of a research project on the sound landscape, listening and creation and recreation of environmental and musical education spaces. It consists in a proposal for the creation and use of an interactive auditory-didactic resource, the musicomovigram or musicogram in movement, to work with listening and emotional development through the Fiesta and the music of Moors and Christians of Alcoy and its sound landscape. The great potential of this resource derives from its ability to offer students an attractive visual support synchronized with the progression of the music they listen to, in such a way that both codes advance simultaneously. The main objective is to study the sound landscape and the acoustic environment, as well as the natural environment and the senses, to encourage auditory awareness in the classrooms and encourage active and conscious listening to different environments or sound landscapes, favorable or harmful. The results show that this type of applications makes it possible to develop the perception of the environment within the classroom with quasi - real approaches, increasing the connection between the natural perception of the medium and the artistic expression. The use of ICTs as transversal tools makes it possible to deepen the composition of the visual and sound landscape by relating the environmental sounds with the instruments and selecting musical styles based on the landscape.
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