• Canadian Utopia: Communal Approach to Digital Scholarship

    Lydia Zvyagintseva (see profile)
    Critical theory, Libraries, Social justice
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    Conference paper
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    ACH 2019
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    Association for Computers in the Humanities
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    Pittsburgh, PA
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    July 23-26, 2019
    academia, digital scholarship centres, dual power, Digital scholarship, Public humanities
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    This talk operates on the assumption that critique is important, but acts of imagination and possibility are necessary now more than ever, both in the academy and society more broadly. Inspired by Frederic Jameson reimagining utopia, I am responding to Gaudry and Lorenz’s call to envision a socially just Canadian academy beyond mechanisms of inclusion (2018). Recognizing contemporary debates of indigenization of academic spaces and programs in Canada, I am interested in adopting the ideas of a resurgence-based decolonial indigenization as an opportunity to apply the benefits of balanced power relations to all learners. From this starting point, I explore the digital scholarship centre as a site for putting into practice Ranciere’s theories of radical intellectual equality and a commitment to intellectual liberation. I also draw on Leanne Betasamosake Simpson’s idea of land as pedagogy as a frame to reconsider knowledge creation and dissemination. My goal with this presentation is to create a space to ask the following questions: What should be the role of the academy in a society where the material conditions of its members have been met and the fundamental relationship is not based on exchange? Can the digital scholarship centre model non-oppressive organization approaches in the context of a research and learning institution? Digital scholarship centres, much like makerspaces in public libraries, have the potential to embody a commitment to public humanities. However, the very definition of the public good and disciplinarity will require an epistemological reframing in such a proposed utopian context.
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