• Guidance Needs of Nursing Students in Iloilo City, Philippines

    Pio Reggie Frigillano, Jesli Joy Gunce, Princess Louise Jover, Princess Meliton, Ryan Michael Oducado (see profile) , Krisha Pangilinan
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    Career Choice, counseling, guidance, nursing, student
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    Nursing students face numerous stresses and challenges that pose a threat to their well-being. They require guidance to attain satisfactory adjustment in all aspects of daily life in this critical stage of their development. This study was conducted to determine the guidance needs of nursing students in selected schools in Iloilo City. The sample of this descriptive, comparative study consisted of 283 randomly selected students from four nursing schools in Iloilo City. The Guidance Needs Inventory for Nursing Students (GNINS) developed by the researchers was used to gather data. Frequency, mean, standard deviation, and rank were used to describe the data. Independent Samples t-Test and ANOVA set at 0.05 alpha were employed to find out significant difference between variables. The study revealed that nursing students need guidance to a moderate extent. They need more guidance on the aspects of career and academic. Further, results indicated no significant difference in the guidance needs of nursing students when grouped according to sex, gender, year level, residence, type of school, living arrangement, employment status of parents, monthly family income, number of siblings, birth order and type of family. Guidance remains to be an integral part of nursing education. Continued provision of guidance that is responsive and relevant to the needs of nursing student cohort is therefore necessary.
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