• How to explain information to a dead hare: Floridi's approach to information and its relevance to art practice

    Gordon Edison McQueen (see profile)
    CityLIS, Contemporary Art, Library & Information Science, Philosophy
    Art, Modern, Twenty-first century, Information theory--Philosophy
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    City, University of London
    Art practice, Information theory, infosphere, Interactivity, Luciano Floridi, Art theory, Contemporary art, Philosophy of information
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    This research will attempt to evaluate how the thinking of Floridi, especially his emphasis on information, could in some way affect the way we approach art practice. It rests upon an existing body of study about art practice, pursued through a selective literature review of the works of Floridi. As artists rediscover the notion of participation, stemming from our growing awareness of our informational environments, we see an increasing need for models and terminologies from theories of information to help us design and manage our informational being. This study will take the form of desk research in the sense that I will be analysing documents relating to Floridi and art. A breakdown of the key components will be made from selected literature of Floridi with the aim of clarifying some of the terms and concepts used and seeing whether it is applicable to art. Following a Floridian perspective, we find that Art exists as part of what helps us interpret our existence within a universal informational environment that is negotiated by informational entities that includes, amongst other things, conscious informational organisms and possibly artificial informational agents. As we see more projects using new technology to analyse data from collections, information professionals are in a unique position to take advantage of this interest in data and information. Furthering the awareness of Floridi’s informational approach amongst those in the arts sector could be the first step in creating greater connections between the library and information science and art. In doing so, we could further enrich our increasingly digital semantic capital.
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