• Exploring Television Seasonality

    Derek Johnston (see profile)
    Cultural Studies, Television Studies
    Television, Television--Study and teaching, Culture
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    Conference paper
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    State of Play: Television Scholarship in ‘TVIV’
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    Critical Studies in Television
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    Edge Hill University, UK
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    5-7 September 2018
    Christmas, Seasonality, media, Television studies, Time-based media, Temporality
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    This paper will consider the continued significance of television seasonality, even in the era of on-demand and timeshifting. It will draw upon my own research into seasonality and genre, as well as the research of other academics, including that from the special issue of the Journal of Popular Television and the subsequent dossier on Christmas television that I have edited. This research demonstrates that seasonality is significant in television viewing in a number of ways: it reinforces tradition and group identity in both visible and banal ways (along the lines of Billig’s conception of Banal Nationalism), it supports and encourages particular frameworks of feeling about the seasons and nature, and it provides frameworks for interpretation of narratives and concepts due to the wider associations of the seasons. Thirty years ago, Paddy Scannell argued that the temporal construction of broadcasting, including its seasonal arrangements, were significant and in need of study. Through this overview, the paper argues that not only is the study of television seasonality still important, but that it is part of the wider consideration of the temporality of television that needs to be engaged with and understood as we see a generational shift away from the live and linear, but one that still engages with some aspects of the linear model, whether for specific media events or in the patterns of releasing and consumption of on-demand material.
    This is the prepared script for the conference presentation; the performed presentation differed in some details.
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