• Destroy Music Libraries, Free Music Librarians: A Discussion of Professional Ethics and Actions

    Kathleen DeLaurenti (see profile) , Anne Rhodes, Sandy Rodriguez, Abbey Thompson, Matthew Vest, Ricky Williams
    Music Library Association
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    Conference paper
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    88th Annual Meeting of the Music Library Association
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    Music Library Association
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    St. Louis, MO
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    February 20-24, 2019
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    If you were invested in ensuring that music librarianship did not continue as a profession, what would you do to ensure it ended? How are we contributing to these actions today? How do we transform these realizations into positive, concrete actions to support our profession? Join us for a discussion aimed at helping attendees identify ways to strengthen the music librarian profession. As positions go unfilled or expand to include multiple job duties, and branch libraries are closed or collapsed, the profession (and the MLA) shrinks. MLA has identified diversity and inclusion movements as part of its strategic vision to respond to internal and external challenges to the profession; it has also struggled to respond to a world changing outside of music and libraries. In a variety of settings in the last few years, members have had (in)formal discussions about the challenges the profession faces and shared concerns about its future. Yet, these discussions have not provided opportunities to engage with these issues openly across the membership of the association. There is a desire and a need for productive ways to engage MLA members from diverse backgrounds in a discussion that can spark ideas for action. Building on emerging ideas of failure analysis and “failing forward,” attendees will reflect on how destruction makes room for new ideas and new paths forward for our profession. Facilitators will provide a remote moderation and access in an attempt to make space for remote participation, and extensive notes from the discussion will be available asynchronously to both members of MLA and the wider public. *Description of the model proposed in this session: https://blogs.ubc.ca/openeducationethics/2018/01/07/open-education-conference-2017/ **TRIZ description: http://www.liberatingstructures.com/6-making-space-with-triz/ These notes provide a snapshot of the in-session notes provided by participants. The live document may be viewed at https://goo.gl/t6gdy2
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