• Review Laruelle A Stranger Thought by Anthony Paul Smith Prabuddha Bharata January 2019

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    François Laruelle is a radical thinker, to say the least. He started the non-philosophy project several decades ago and developed it in five stages. Now, he prefers to call it non-standard philosophy. Laruelle’s thought and the treatment meted out to it by the academia brings to light the fact that even philosophy, which is supposed to be the voice of the marginalised, can create a new marginalisation. Serious engagement with Laruelle’s thought is less, though the situation is becoming better, because he attempts to question the very roots of philosophy. However, Laruelle does not claim to destroy philosophy itself, but he ventures to rethink and restructure how philosophy is done. This book is divided two parts. The first part gives a generic introduction to Laruelle’s thought and the second part focuses on his treatment of politics, science, ethics, fiction, and religion. The author, Anthony Paul Smith, starts the book with a note on the urgent cry for finding the end to philosophy. He informs us that philosophy is undergoing an identity crisis, which is not a new phenomenon in philosophy. Smith says that according to Laruelle, the right question to ask is not whether philosophy has ended, not ‘“Are we done with philosophy”, but “What is to be done with philosophy?” This book explores the answer to this question that Laruelle provides in his non-philosophy. The point of non-philosophy is not a different philosophical analysis of the traditional materials philosophy has tended to dominate, but a mutation or recording of the machinery of philosophy itself in order to create a new practice of thought.
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