• Pencil Marks on a Field: Form and Support in Late Soviet Participatory Performance by Collective Actions

    Yelena Kalinsky (see profile)
    Performance art, Conceptualism, Russia (Federation), Art, History, Art, Modern, Twenty-first century, Art, Russian, Performance art--Study and teaching
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    Collective Actions, Moscow conceptualism, Art history, Contemporary art, Russian and Soviet art, Performance studies
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    "The stakes of performance and its documentation extend beyond museological questions of cataloging and preservation. While performance encompasses a wide range of activities, in general it uses forms of temporal and bodily presence, photo, sound, and video documentation , as well as narrative forms such as the script and the audience's recollections, to reflect on fundamental questions of individual and collective life, public and private space, temporality, and the availability of events to interpretation, memory, and history. The shifting and proliferating formal parameters of CA's actions (including their various modes of documentation ) offer a model of performance that unsettles the conventional relationship between the bounded aesthetic object and the boundless surround of everyday life. Enlisting the notions of form and support put forward by performance theorist Shannon Jackson, I challenge the widespread view that CA's enigmatic actions constituted a withdrawal into a hermetic world of formal structures, theoretical texts, and documentation. In what follows, I offer a close reading of one fairly representative action in CA's corpus whose varied material forms, both performative and documentary, created spaces for individual and collective aesthetic experience at once within and outside of the mediated late Soviet lifeworld."
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