• Goodbye, [Microsoft/Sony]… Hello, [Microsoft/Sony]: An investigation into the information behaviour of console gamers when looking to purchase a new console

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    Information behavior, Electronic games
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    Information behaviour, Gaming
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    Purpose: The purpose of this research is to investigate the information behaviour of console gamers in the specific task of buying a new console. This takes place in two sections: firstly, to investigate the types of resources used and, secondly, to develop a picture of how four specific theories of information behaviour - Ellis’ Model of Information-Seeking Behaviour, Erdelez’s Information Encountering, Fisher’s Information Grounds and Jaeger and Burnett’s Information Worlds - may serve to provide an understanding of the behaviour exhibited. Design, methodology and approach: A questionnaire was designed and distributed via Twitter and Facebook, in which the research questions were addressed. In addition, this questionnaire served as a means of gathering participants for follow-up interviews in which the specified theories were investigated. Findings: The finding of this paper is that whilst gamers as a whole value a range of formal and informal information resources, their specific information behaviour may be attributed of their categorisation of gamer type. Furthermore, depending on this categorisation, the behaviour exhibited may be understood in terms of one or other of the aforementioned theories. Originality and value: Theories and papers which investigate information behaviour are common, whilst the subset of information behaviour of gamers is less so, but it is a rich field of study. Studies into the information behaviour of gamers which focus on the information need of consoles when a new console is looking to be purchased, however, are limited in their number, and what papers there are represent a resource to be used - ie a review of consoles - rather than an investigation into how the resources themselves are utilised. This paper provides an overview of the types of resources used by gamers and suggests how existing theories of information behaviour might help to explain this behaviour, and may be considered a platform for further investigation.
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