• Dorëshkrime të reja në greqisht në Arkivin Qendror Shtetëror. Paraqitje e parë. / New Greek manuscripts at the Central State Archive of Albania. A first presentation.

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    Up to the present, among the documents at the Central State Archive of Albania, the place of honor has been given to the Collection of Codices, to the greek byzantine and post-byzantine manuscripts. Lately, the number of 119 known manuscripts and fragments of manuscripts has been enriched with 11 other manuscripts, newly found. They were preserved at the Library of the CSA, without being catalogued at earlier times and, eventually, were never made known to the scientific public. In our paper we will present for the first time these newly found manuscripts of CSA, which date between the 14th and the 19th century. Their content, written in Greek (with some exception), is: 1) Oneirocritikon of Achmet, son of Sirin (Ὀνειροκριτηκόν τοῦ Αχμέτ, υἱοῦ Σιρίν); 2) Nomokanon; 3) short geography of Athanassios Psalidhas; 4) Political geography; 5) Liturgical texts in Greek and Vallachian with Greek characters; 6) a notebook with the notes of two pupils, copies of theological texts; 7) a notebook, grammar and mathematic exercises, between them some folios written in the alphabet of Theodhor Haxhifilipi; 8) a notebook containing grammar exercises and French-Greek-French dictionary, Italian-Greek-Italian dictionary, Latin- Greek-Latin dictionary; 9) pastoral texts by Christophor the Spiritual, Mr. Misail and Eugen Boulgaris, manuscript from the 18th century; 10) Psalms of David and the Nine Odes, printed book of the 17th century, containing handwritten folios dating at the end of the same century, possibly copied by Ghinos, priest and oikonomos of Pogonianis; 11) Dypticha of the Monastery of Philanthropon, manuscript from the 14th century.
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