• Premodern to Modern Humanisms: The BABEL Project

    Eileen Joy (see profile) , Christine M. Neufeld
    Anglo-Saxon / Old English, Cultural Studies, Education and Pedagogy, Historical theory and the philosophy of history, Medieval Studies
    Critical pedagogy, Posthumanism, Critical theory, Humanism, Science fiction
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    Critical posthumanism, Medieval studies
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    This special issue of the "Journal of Narrative Theory" represents one of the BABEL Working Group's first forays into a collaborative and “baggy” humanistic scholarship between medieval studies, more contemporary humanistic studies, and the sciences, with the objective of interrogating together the open terms, “human,” “humanity,” “humanism,” and “the humanities.” Gathered together in this issue are the thought and writing of four scholars of early and late medieval English literature (Eileen A. Joy, Christine M. Neufeld, Robin Norris, and Myra J. Seaman), one historian of early medieval Europe (Michael E. Moore), one Victorianist (Maria K. Bachman), one critical theorist (Doryjane Birrer), and one social scientist (Michael Uebel). The essays gathered here represent a collective attempt, as Michael Moore writes in his essay, at “paying careful attention to the lives of others, living and dead, real and fictional,” in order to begin to enact a more affective and affecting humanities studies, one in which, following Derrida, it would be necessary to be unfaithful to one’s habitual practices, such that a medievalist might reflect upon Margery Kempe, science fiction, and Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go (Seaman), Homer and the Iraq War (Norris), or Alcuin of York and the poetry of Czeslaw Milosz (Moore), and a modernist might be found ruminating upon Bruno Latour and medieval werewolves (Birrer), a Victorianist upon mental cognitive functioning and narrative attachment disorder (Bachman), and a psychotherapist upon Gestalt and marine biology (Uebel).
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