• Rexford G. Tugwell y la Segunda Guerra Mundial

    Norberto Barreto Velázquez (see profile)
    Latin America and the Caribbean
    Caribbean Area, History
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    Puerto Rico, Rexford G. Tugwell, World War two, Caribbean
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    "World War II was the Twentieth Century event of greatest global repercussions. It was the most destructive, intense and geographically inclusive war in the history of the humanity. Puerto Rico was of critical importance for the strategic planning of the United States and the other powers. During the first stages of the war, the maritime areas of the region were a battle zone rightly named the Battle of the Atlantic. The destiny of the colonies situated in the Caribbean and belonging to countries occupied by Germany, as well as the control of the vital routes of sea communication, including the Panama Canal, which was used to transport raw materials and petroleum for the war effort, became topics of great relevance. This volume approaches the period of the war, not like "an external" element to the societies or as a military exercise, but as complex and multiphase process that affected all the aspects of the political, economic, social and cultural life of these countries, causing or accelerating great social transformations. Through "Puerto Rico en la Segunda Guerra Mundial: Baluarte del Caribe" seventeen researchers of diverse backgrounds and approaches analyze aspects of the international situation, the military planning, the "high level politics" and the economic changes, as well as other processes that transformed the collective life of the Puerto Ricans within a very short timeframe, like the food scarcity, the health, the militarization of the education and the press, the communications, the experience of the veterans, the construction of great bases, "the civic" campaigns, the displacement of communities, the internal and external migrations, among others. This book is a contribution without precedent to the understanding of a decisive conjuncture in the historical development of PR and the Caribbean in the XX Century." (https://www.amazon.com/Puerto-Segunda-Guerra-Mundial-World/dp/1881748901)
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