• Lexical distributivity with group nouns and property indefinites

    Hanna de Vries (see profile)
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    Conference paper
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    43rd meeting of the North Eastern Linguistic Society (NELS 43)
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    City University of New York
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    New York City, USA
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    October 2012
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    In this paper I argue that there are two ways to derive distributive interpretations: one is based on a quantificational D-operator, the other is non-quantificational and involves lexical-conceptual reasoning along the lines of Scha (1981). I show that we need a theory of lexical distributivity to account for distributive interpretations with group nouns like 'team' and 'committee', as operator-based distributivity is systematically unavailable with these nouns. An apparent counterexample to this claim are sentences like "The team is wearing an orange vest", whose distributive interpretation seems to require a covert quantifier over team members to take scope over the indefinite. However, I argue that this is not a case of quantificational distributivity, but of two-place lexical distributivity over two arguments: a group and (an individual correlate of) a property.
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