• Critical Information Literacy in the Music Classroom

    Erin Conor (see profile)
    Library & Information Science, Music Library Association
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    International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres Annual Congress
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    Leipzig, Germany
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    22-27 July 2018
    critlib, critical information literacy
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    As librarians, we recognize that the ways in which our students access information are changing, rapidly and dramatically. The students we work with today face an information landscape that is often very different from what we remember from our student years. So much of what our music students need is seemingly readily available online through sites like YouTube, Google, and the IMSLP. Our students are now able to access a vast array of resources, many of which are unmediated by traditional gatekeepers like scholarly publishers, editors, peer reviewers, or even the mainstream media. What does it mean to teach music information literacy in this environment of supposed information abundance? How can we best demonstrate the continued relevance of information literacy instruction to our students and faculty? This paper will introduce critical information literacy as a possible framework for addressing these questions. Critical information literacy is a recent development within information literacy that grew out of critical pedagogy and the works of educators such as Paulo Freire and bell hooks. As a teaching philosophy, critical information literacy offers us an expanded vision of information literacy. It questions widely held assumptions about information literacy, including the centrality of mechanistic, skills-based instruction and idea of pedagogical neutrality. Librarians practicing critical information literacy strive to help students recognize the politics and power dynamics inherent in the creation and dissemination of information. The critical information literacy community is active and growing, but the presence of music librarians within this community remains almost non-existent. However, as the global proliferation of “fake news” scandals and the increasing online influence of far-right extremist groups have helped to demonstrate, engagement with critical information literacy is crucial for all librarians who teach.
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