• Practice makes perfect? Practicing veterinarians’ information seeking behaviour and information use: implications for information provision

    Tim Wales (see profile)
    Animals, Information behavior, Library science, Information science
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    City University, London
    Information behaviour, Library and information science
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    A random sample of UK veterinary practitioners was surveyed to identify key issues in veterinary information use (IU) and information seeking behaviour (ISB) and the corresponding implications for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Wellcome Library (RCVSWL). Interviews were also conducted with a small cross-section of the sample population to explore in more detail particular areas and attitudes with regard to information provision. It was found that despite a significant use of Internet and email, journals, textbooks and conferences were the three favourite source types, although email was the preferred communication medium. Variations in information source use by practice size and type and information type were also considered. Books were the emergency source of choice while journals were used for current awareness. ISB comprised just under a third of all computer activities and was generally a solo and private activity. Time and cost factors were regarded as the main barriers to effective ISB while currency was the primary problem associated with information sources. Credibility of source was the main criterion used when evaluating information… Specific library findings included very low use of online library catalogues and minimal email contact between practitioners and librarians. A greater proportion of respondents used the Net for veterinary information than used a veterinary library, despite the former’s inherent problems. The majority of library users and non-users wanted enhanced access via the Internet. It was found from the interviews that while publicity and promotion of existing services would enhance library awareness, online access to full-text journals would be the main service requirement for the future… Recent RCVSWL activities and possible service models were discussed in the light of the findings and specific recommendations for action proposed.
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