• The Quest for Solidarity Without Victory. Constraining the Guatemalan Guerrilla (1979-1996).

    Joren Janssens (see profile)
    Latin America
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    Conference paper
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    International solidarity movements in the Low Countries. New Perspectives and Themes
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    Université Libre de Bruxelles
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    26th-26th of May 2016
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    Reflecting on global solidarity has recently taken an innovative turn in a series of case studies on Chile and Nicaragua. Solidarity is now seen as ‘orchestrated’ by oppositional movements of the Third World. My research investigates the linkages between Belgian grassroots solidarity committees and Guatemalan oppositional movements, from the 1970s until the 1990s. Archives remain pivotal in researching the emergence of this transnational network and are subjugated to discursive as well as material analysis that examines the concrete and tangible infrastructure of the network. Oral history will prove to be indispensable in filling archival gaps. This case study will serve to question the current research, which has focused on opposition movements that propagated solidarity backed by contemporary or recently lost state power and to nuance the observed patterns of active involvement before they come to define the prism through which we analyze international solidarity. After all, the Guatemalan opposition held a distinctively less beneficial position than those in Nicaragua and Chile, a situation that inevitably determined the spectrum of initiatives they were able to deploy in their quest for global solidarity. Through my research I argue that observed patterns should be supported by a more diverse sample of case studies. Hence future comparative research should allow differences and similarities to co-exist in an interpretive meta-narrative of global solidarity. This study of global solidarity steps away from unilateral relations into a world of transnational interactions, entanglement and reciprocity. It remains firmly embedded in the socio-political dynamics of Guatemala, but emphasizes the role of individuals and the influence of local conditions on the global solidarity effort. As such we examine how the local coalesces with the global, while at the same time touching central debates on the agency we wish to attribute to Third World actors in global history.
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