• Car Free Day: Transformasi Ruang dan Globalisasi Urbanisme Kontemporer di Bandung

    Frans Prasetyo (see profile)
    Festivals, Rituals, Public Spectacles, and Popular Culture, Place Studies, Sociology, Urban Studies, Visual Anthropology
    Indonesians--Social life and customs, Malays (Asian people)--Social life and customs, Urban geography, City planning, Cities and towns--Study and teaching
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    Bandung, car free, Cities, street, urbanism, Indonesian/Malay culture, Urbanism/urban planning, Visual culture, Visual studies
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    Car Free Day has become a contested aren of production and consumption where by a contemporary social and cultural transformation of space also forms a new contemporary composite agencies of urban public in the city of Bandung, West Java. Such agencies also shape a new identity for the image of a city landmark. The cit appears to prioritize its infrastructure by concentrating and rationalizing people’s activities and how they spend their time. By managing citizen activities, the city aims to be the center of social activity as well as a medium of (a)culturation in shaping the city image. Furthermore, such management also shows the existence of the city, and its roles for the source of knowledge, tribution of information and the dissemination of city values (as morall imposed by the authority) with efforts by creating a public space. This article seeks to provide an understanding of a spati arrangement based on social and cultural constructs. Such knowledge is frame (framing) by a period of experiencing and forming the infrastructure in manufacturing Car Free Day as a strategy of urbanism in Bandung. In order to meet this challenge, the study includes an analysis of infrastructure and the paradox of physical and socio-cultural landscape to the extent of providing transparent and opaqu narratives in the formation of an alternate space (third space). The study also seeks to provide an analysis of the city construction and its maintenance through daily practices in a particular context of (visual) ethnography
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