• Indonesian Illustration Open the World: Challenge for Underground (Punk) Illustrator of Indonesia

    Frans Prasetyo (see profile)
    Cultural Studies, Festivals, Rituals, Public Spectacles, and Popular Culture, Music and Sound, Sociology, Visual Anthropology
    Asians--Social life and customs
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    Arte-Polis 4 Intl Conference – Creative Connectivity and the Making of Place: Living Smart by Des
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    School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development - ITB
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    5-6 July 2012
    community, diy, indonesia, punk, visual art, Asian cultures, Criticism of the arts, Cultural anthropology
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    Illustration as part of art works has often been considered a form of low art, but as it has progressively become more developed, it has established a decent place in the art community. Through this paper, the authors have tried to apply a primarily participatory research method, including participant observation, deep interview, and literature studies to prove that statement. This paper focuses on how Indonesian punk artist succeed expanding the art of illustration in Indonesia as well as building local and global networking through the art of illustration, with Kenterror as a role model. He did well in elaborating his punk identity and everyday issues (social, politics, and economy) either local or global scale, and then transform these subjectivities through his own imagination into the art of illustration. As a consequence, he is not only able to share his works to the public and being appreciated, but also able to shift people opinion about illustration, Indonesian artists in particular, which was known as low art becoming more valuable art. Furthermore, he can also build local and global networking as well as internationally acknowledged as a competent illustrator.In this paper, the authors will describe Kenterror’s life and his commitment to build networking in Indonesia and other countries through his works. The first section of this paper, the authors will discuss the early development of Indonesian illustration, the pressures that compelled Indonesian illustrators to move on, and the influence of punk. Then, the next section will describe Kenterror’s life history, his work in local (Indonesia) and global (international) scope which influenced by his identity as a punk. Finally, this paper will discuss what made Kenterror’s works become so highly appreciated worldwide, and what other Indonesian illustrators can do to improve the quality and global position of Indonesian illustration.
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